Our clients make us who we are. Not the other way round. What they say, how they feel, and what they think is fundamental to our existence as a business.

This has been our guiding light ever since we first opened our studio doors.

Warren Buffet constantly reminds us that it takes years to build a reputation, and a few minutes to ruin it.

We are careful how we do business, the relationships we develop, and what claims and promises we make. We are collectively devoted to this gentle reminder at DeGRAF, 100% of the time.

We live in an increasingly connected community – both local and global. Our work has an impact on the environment, our immediate communities, and distant societies. We must answer not only to the present generation, but to future ones as well.

We take this commitment very seriously. Our stakeholders will ask questions and make judgements. We must not fail in these, almost sacred obligations.

Our clients consistently make reference to the high quality of our work. We must not deliver any less.

Our ethos dictates that we continue to fine-tune both policy and process. We are very careful not to rest on our laurels.

Incisive thinking and unfettered creativity are key DeGRAF hallmarks. You may also say they are our trademarks.

We believe our minds must be free to roam where they may, in pursuit of client satisfaction, and the never-ending search for perfection.